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Thank you for choosing the Therapist's Transcriptionist, the go-to transcription service
for behavioral scientists and mental health professionals! 
About the Therapist's Transcriptionist

​As the parent of two children with trauma-related mental health diagnoses (PTSD, reactive attachment disorder, and disinhibited social engagement disorder), one child with Bohring-Opitz Syndrome, and as the wife of a man diagnosed with severe ADHD and moderate PTSD, I truly value the the work you do as a mental health care professional and greatly appreciate the important role you play in the lives... 

Reviews for the Therapist's Transcriptionist

The Therapist's Transcriptionist's willingness and ability to rise to the occasion and meet a ridiculously tight deadline really did save the day, and they did so with an enthusiastic, reassuring spirit and the imperative, high level of accuracy required to make us feel solid in what we delivered to our audience.

— Tiffany Sudela-Junker
Storyteller, Regulation & Resilience Coach 

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